Hello, hello! Any great space docs you can recommend? :)

the original cosmos series (1980) presented by carl sagan trumps all, although the sequel series (2014) presented by neil de degrasse tyson deserves honorable mention. ‘through the wormhole' hosted by morgan freeman is a treat as well as national geographic's 'journey to the edge of the universe’. if you are a space race freak like me, you might enjoy ‘for all mankind' (1989). i like hubble as well, but i mostly attribute that to enjoying having leonardo di caprio narrate the spacetime adventure (swoon / child of the 90s)


I look up
by NaShish  (nashishphotography.tumblr.com)

Tom Sachs, I.S.S.(chawan) 2013, reduction fired porcelain 4”diameter


my name is alana. i like sharing space art & connecting with others. LDL chronicles my exploration of the cosmos one daydream at a time.

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