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"…Jon Lomberg, the design director of the Voyager Golden Record project, wants to rethink the almost forty-year-old project for current times. Alongside a team of advisers, scientists, artists and technologists, over 10,000 signatures from 140 different countries have been culled in support of a crowdsourced digital message to be beamed up to the computers on the New Horizons probe."

Space Caravel | Jon Lomberg

Space Shuttle Main Engines in Slow Motion - YouTube

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"Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) is a four-year project: a series of missions meant to simulate and study the challenges of long-term space travel, in anticipation of mankind’s eventual trip to Mars. This first mission’s focus was food…. I asked Kate who the mission was harder on and she says it was harder on her wife. ‘When a soldier is deployed, there’s a narrative that goes along with that. When an astronaut goes to space, there’s a freaking narrative that goes with that. When someone leaves to pretend to go to space, there’s no narrative that goes along with that. You’re making it up. You’re like, ‘Why is this important again? Why is this something that needs to be done?’ In some ways it doesn’t. It’s not the hero sort of role of a soldier or an astronaut. From many points of view, it’s kind of ridiculous.’"


Aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis, astronaut Leland Melvin watches a floating water bubble showing his refracted image, November 2009.

leland melvin is one of my favorites. he played in the NFL before joining the ranks of the astronaut corps.

I love you, Space Queen.

dancing in the moonlight/citylight. per usual.

look up! look up!

july is the best month of the year to stay late in your garden or on your rooftop to gaze at the stars. or better yet, run away for a bit in a dark campsite. warm summer nights are ideal for spotting our nearest celestial neighbors. the milky way will be at its finest - although you’ll need to trade your city skyscrapes for landscapes in order to see ‘em. the great summer triangle made of altair, deneb & vega is also a beautiful sight. so look up! & happy gazing! 


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