Model, Tsiolkovsky Space Craft
Soviet model makers built this spacecraft based on the designs and notes of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. Late in his life, much of Tsiolkovsky’s theoretical work focused on ideas about transporting humans into space on board rockets. Although this model, reflecting the scientist’s ideas, grossly overestimates the living space available on board a rocket, it does convey a sophisticated understanding of the physical constraints of space travel for that time. Among Tsiolkovsky’s concerns were the effects of acceleration and weightlessness on the human body
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JPL 101 ↘

simply beautiful - like almost all work done at JPL.

First Listen: Jenny Lewis, 'The Voyager' : NPR ↘

"Nostalgia has no place for the woman traveling alone,’ the great travel writer Mary Morris once wrote. ‘Our motion is forward, whether by train or daydream.’ She’s describing a necessary ruthlessness: Women are so often defined by their attachments (family, romance, even the fetishes of style) that becoming light enough to move often requires behavior others might read as cruel or, at best, distanced. ‘Nothing lasts forever when you travel time,’ Jenny Lewis sings in a deliberately spacey drawl during the title track of her rich new solo album, The Voyager. The song, with its gentle string crescendos and angelic backing vocals by First Aid Kit, seems at first like a panegyric to the spirit of wanderlust. But Lewis’ version of the Voyager — the NASA craft, currently floating beyond human perception? the only Star Trek ship to be captained by a woman? — goes up in smoke."

i didn’t think i could love you anymore, jenny lewis - but then you drop voyager. there’s always a little bit of magic left everywhere.


Opportunity passes Russia for off-Earth driving record [via @MarsCuriosity]


break my little heart.
Gaza, by Way of ISS via the Atlantic
neil armstrong strums uke in quarantine post apollo 11.


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