Poetic Kinetics has introduced their ‘Escape Velocity’ to this year’s Coachella. The gigantic kinetic astronaut sculpture “features radio-controlled animatronics, giving it the ability to articulate life-like gestures, such as peace and thumbs up signs. The visor of the Astronaut is equipped with video projection mapping, allowing for video content as well as a live, interactive facial and name capture system.” This will allow participants to interact with the Astronaut and have their face projected into the helmet visor as well as have their name appear on the suit’s name-tag.”

NASA’s airplane collection. <3
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Soviet ReImagined Communist Life in Space

"Station Moon" (a Soviet children’s book) by Pavel Klushantsev, 1965 and 1974

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neil degrasse tyson. heart throb.
young neil degrasse tyson. smooth as ever.
Christa McAuliffe, Hero.


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