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E.T., Phone Collect
If aliens come calling, we might not hear them.
The San Jose Mercury News reports that the SETI Institute — the one made famous by the movie Contact — has put its program to find alien life on hold. In an April 22 letter SETI sent to significant supporters, Tom Pierson, SETI’s CEO announced that beginning this week, the Allen Telescope Array “has been placed into hibernation due to funding shortfalls for operations of the Hat Creek Radio Observatory (HCRO) where the ATA is located.”
(via NPR)

annnddddd i’m so upset. 

I’ve got astronaut / Kevin Tong fever.
Kevin Tong, “Lemuria” Gig Poster, 7-color silkscreen, Edition of 100, Available here. 

the milky way seen through a saharan sandstorm

sometimes the universe seems so beautiful, its almost unbearable. 

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