Yuri Gagarin, Andrian Nikolayev, Pavel Popovich, Gherman Titov, a few of the 1st Cosmonaut group

Berenice, 2003 Photo: KIOKU Keizo
By Odani Motohiko
apollo 13 Flight Directors applaud the successful splashdown of the Command Module “Odyssey” 

Was the Soyuz Design Stolen?

The Russian Soyuz spacecraft has been the longest-lived, most adaptable,  and most successful manned spacecraft design. In production for over  thirty years, more than 220 have been built and flown on a wide range of  missions.
But did the Russians steal the design from the Americans? When the  configuration was first revealed in 1968, some industry insiders  immediately noticed a strong resemblance to General Electric’s losing  Apollo spacecraft proposal.

No Russian source has ever acknowledged a possible connection. Regardless of where the original design concept came from, it takes an enormous amount of engineering effort to do what the Russians did on Soyuz. Follow the link to decide for yourself! 
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I think I would not dread life so much if I could just float alone in outer space.

Ksenia, Russia, by Claudio Oliverio

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