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HIP TO BE SQUARE   The hot star system known as MWC 922 appears to be embedded inside a square-shaped nebula.    The above image combines infrared exposures from the Hale Telescope on Mt. Palomar in California, and the Keck-2 Telescope on Mauna Kea in Hawaii.    A leading progenitor hypothesis for the square nebula is that the central star or stars somehow expelled cones of gas during a late developmental stage.  For MWC 922, these cones happen to incorporate nearly right angles and be visible from the sides.    Supporting evidence for the cone hypothesis includes radial spokes in the image that might run along the cone walls.  (Photo:  Peter Tuthill & James Lloyd via NASA APOD)
Meandering Mississippi via NASA Goddard Photo & Video
prototype mars space suit
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Milky Way May Have Two Billion Earth-Like Planets


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