Space people 
(by Naomi Wilkinson)
this is what my dreams look like. permutations. star gazing. sea gazing. crowd gazing. searching for your place in it all.

We can’t put it back together.It is together.
-The Last Whole Earth Catalog, 1971

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Happy Earth Day!


This is ‘The Blue Marble’. It was taken by the Apollo 17 crew on December 7, 1972. It is now one of the most widely distributed photographs in existence, showcasing our planet fully illuminated. 

The 1970s saw a resurgence of environmental activism - this snapshot was cherished by environmentalists as it showcased the frailty and vulnerability of Earth in the vast expanse of space. 

Love the universe. Love the Earth. Love one another. xx


artistic representation of the beautiful kepler 186f.


my name is alana. i like sharing space art & connecting with others. LDL chronicles my exploration of the cosmos one daydream at a time.

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